1. After sale service

At Serenity Pool Co. we aim to provide a great after sale service. Be reassured that even after the completion of your pool, we will always be available to call or email if you have any queries.

2. No small or big clients

Whatever the size and the cost of your project, all our customers are important to us and are treated the same way. From the first meeting to the completion, you will be dealing directly with our director and he will always be the one who answers your phone calls and emails.

3. Your entire satisfaction is important to us

At Serenity Pool Co. we pride ourselves on our amazing customer service. The reviews from our previous clients speak for themselves about how much we care about their satisfaction. Unforseen issues can arise during any build but we are not afraid to deal with them and we make sure that all problems are solved with your best interest in mind.

4. Price transparency

Offering very low cost quotes with hidden allowances to attract customers is not our philosophy. Our contracts are fixed price, no hidden costs, no hidden allowances. Honesty is important to us and we want you to have nothing more to pay than the price you agreed on when you sign your contract. Our quotes and contracts are very detailed so you can see what you pay for and what you agreed to.

5. Respect of deadlines

Because we know there is nothing more frustrating than delays, we guarantee that our deadlines have always been respected and that we will make sure yours will be as well. At Serenity Pool Co. we do not make false promises to get you to sign a contract.

6. Fully covered:

For your peace of mind, Serenity Pool Co. is fully covered with:

  • QBCC insurance
  • SPASA contract
  • Workcover
  • Public liability insurance

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